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It all started way back in 2008 when the world was aware of very few superhero movies. Superman, Batman, the justice league, but when Ironman was released. It created a disruption in the superhero movie industry. A new superhero was introduced and he was equipped with no superpower but with a super brain. This is where the idea of the Avengers came into existence.

Let us take a look at five reasons why this movie is special for all.


  • After a Major Collapse in Infinity War, the Original Six Avengers are once again ready for the Greatest Battle- The Endgame.



It was all about the First Six Avengers, they all survived the clash of Thanos. his one snap of finger destroyed half of the living creatures from the earth. Many superheroes died in his one finger snap except this 6 Avengers. They were destined to recorrect the situation and make things as normal as they were before.

  1. The Movie is so Effective, that it will Affect your Inner Soul.


Thousands of movie releases every year, yet there are a handful of movies which shakes our mind and soul. Endgame is the movie which will shake you within and without and leave you with a twister of emotions. You will get to know what is teamwork and unity. You will never regret watching it twice.

  1. The return of Ant-Man brings Hope to Make Things Better.

After being lost in the Quantum Realm, Ant-Man returns to earth and see that all his super mates are martyred. He then finds out the solution to bring back all the dead Avengers. For this, he needs the help of all his co-friends, especially ironman and hulk. Will they help him? Well, it is you who will find it out by watching it in theatres.

  1. Captain America has a surprising element for us.

No one can deny the real action when it comes to Captain America. he was the first avenger and the captain of the Avengers. The man who suits the leader of the team, but do you know, what he lifts in his hand while fighting with Thanos. Well, you would have got an idea by seeing it in the picture, now rush to the nearest theatre to watch how he uses Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) to destroy thanos.


  1. Captain Marvel plays an Important Role by saving the saviour of Avengers.

Ironman was about to die, due to run out of food and oxygen. He was lost in space, the fuel was about to end and they saw no other way to return to earth. at that time captain marvel comes to the rescue. If you want to know how captain marvel finds him, you must watch the post-credit scenes of the infinity war. They come back to earth and once again all the Six Avengers unite with the help of other Avengers and they do a final battle for the endgame. At the end of the movie, you will be happy as well as sad but you will be convinced by the climax.

In real life also, we all should be an Avenger and avenge our difficulties to end them forever, no matter what, no matter how we should rise and never give up.

Whatever it takes…!!!


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