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Not Everyone Is Your Friend. So, You Should Be Able to Spot Fake Friends That Pretend to Like You!


Everyone likes nice people. However, what happens if someone that’s nice is actually fake and just pretends to be nice to court your favor for sinister reasons. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to identify whether somebody is honest or fake. It can also be hard to understand their intentions and goals.

You have probably come across people that present themselves as friends multiple times in your life. You come to spend time with them and trust them. However, after a while, their genuine nature shows itself. They may have ignored you when you needed help, mistreated you, or taken advantage of you.

These people often come off as nice. They’re friendly and kind, and they may even be fun to be around. Sometimes, they’re supportive to excess. However, deep down they harbor an ulterior motive – to humiliate or compete with you. They struggle with insecurities, jealousy, and selfishness that prevent them from being a genuine friend.

They just act like your friend when it suits them. They just call you when they want something from you. They’re not real, which means that you and your friendship are not important to them. They just want to annoy the hell out of you and make use of you.

They pretend to have your best interest at heart, while preying on your conscientiousness, your sensibilities or your emotional sensitivity, and using guilt to get what they want from you. They pretend to be your friends when they need something from you. They’re kind to you in order to get something, and they don’t look back on you.

They may even give you compliments and throw you with appreciation or praise in order to get close to you quickly. But, you must question why they want to get close to you so fast. It may mean they’re a kind and great person or that they have low self-esteem. It may also mean that they want something from you.

They pretend to love you. There’s no excuse for the way they are treating you. They may say bad things about you when you’re not present.

They do not care about you. They only care about the things you can do for them.

They’re not grateful and loyal. They wear masks. But, you must be able to spot people that are fake and that pretend to like you.

In case they bring up past events like helping you through a tough time, it’s not a true friendship.

Fake friends do not help you accomplish your goals. They do not listen to you when you talk about what you want to do or your ambitions, or they may attempt to discourage you. They do not celebrate your success and accomplishments.

What’s more, they may also attempt to ruin your romantic relationship or another friendship.

A friendship based on this kind of behavior isn’t a real or healthy friendship.

So, remember that not everyone is your friend. Simply because someone hangs around you and laughs with you does not mean you are friends. People actually pretend well.

The good news is that time reveals everything, including whether a friendship has run its course. So, avoid beating yourself up if that turns out to be the case. Instead, be grateful for it, because it’s a learning experience to help you recognize who to keep in your inner circles.

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