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How To Beat Depression Without Medication


While I was managing 40+ employees and assuring we could meet our $250,000 monthly payroll, I just about lost it. The pressure was too much. It was my decisions that assured their families would eat, their mortgages would be paid, and their kids could go on vacation. It was this weight that began my intense season of chronic anxiety and depression.

While anxiety and depression are not the same, they are similar. It was this moment in my life I was forced to beat it. Without medication. 

Disclaimer: I am supportive of medication as a last resort. Too many doctors today are treating symptoms rather than healing the root cause. Pair this with the pharmaceutical industry force-feeding us pills to keep their quarterly profit-and-loss statements in the green, and you have a sad solution for people who truly need help.

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

The symptoms were so strong, my wife and I made the decision to change our entire life. We sold our house to move closer to work (and remove the stress of Los Angeles traffic), we started juicing a few times per week, I began riding my bike in the morning, I read my Bible and prayed for the first 20 minutes of the day, and most importantly, I simplified my life. I watched more movies. I played with my dog. I went out to dinner. I worked less.

Three different doctors prescribed me anti-depressants. But I didn’t want them. I remembered human beings have overcome depression for thousands of years without pills. Why do I need it now? Convenience? Laziness? Fear?

We are not broken. Our bodies and minds are just as strong in the positive as they are in the negative. We are just overstimulated, not connected, and emotional scarred. But we can win. I promise. I did.

I hope my short story is an encouragement on your journey. Below, is a wonderful and practical infographic provided by one of my readers on the topic. I had to share it.


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