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Here Are 5 Powerful Ways to Take Care of Yourself When You Feel Broken Inside!


It is easy to be nice to yourself and want to do fun activities when things are going well. However, it is difficult to have the desire or energy to take care of yourself when times are tough.

As a human being, when you go though a heartbreak, difficult situation, or traumatic experience, it is natural for you to feel numb, freeze, or want to isolate and retreat.

You probably feel a continuous, throbbing from the inside that nobody else can genuinely understand as it is intimately personal to you alone.

Therefore, instead of relying on other people to help you, you must be your own best friend.

Although it is important to listen to your body and give yourself time to express yourself, grieve, and react the way you want during that time, you should advocate for your well-being and healing, as well.

The process is different for everybody. In the beginning, it may seem forced, unnatural, foreign, and impossible to think about doing fun activities when you are in a state of disarray or crisis.

But, remember that staying in your comfort zone isn’t where the growth takes place or where your optimal levels of happiness and health reside.

Before you begin to incorporate self-care into your life and feel the benefits of it, it is OK to think about whether you are approaching it right. But, there’s no wrong or right way to incorporate self-care into your life, if you are doing what contributes to your sense of well-being or level of happiness.

Just let yourself be led by your intuition of what you truly want.

Here Are 5 Powerful Ways to Take Care of Yourself When You Feel Broken Inside:
– Give yourself time

You must understand that your heart is broken. So, you should allow it to heal. Give yourself time. You may lose your appetite, and your desire to do much of anything but stay in bed and cry. But, that’s OK. By being inquisitive, honest and gentle with yourself, you will find out that your heartache may be the best thing that ever happened to you.

– Get enough rest

You’re probably exhausted. So, take the time to rest and get enough sleep. Lack of sleep may prevent your brain and body from getting the chance to recover.

– Do what you want on your own without being interrupted

‘Me time’ is actually the time when you do what you want on your own without being interrupted. Perhaps it is taking a shower or spending time with your pet. Perhaps it is reading a book or eating your favorite food. 

– Get your body moving

When you are angry, your muscles begin to tense up as well as you get ready for fight or flight. But, you can release the tension through physical exercise.

Therefore, consider putting on boxing gloves and punching a body bag, going for a run, hitting the gym, etc. Simply get your body moving.

Remember that any type of physical exercise that gets your body moving will relieve the physical tension triggered by your anger as well as help you feel better.

– Let yourself grow as a person

Tough times can help you develop and grow as a person. Engaging in activities and hobbies you already know you are comfortable with and you enjoy may be what feels right for you at the moment.

However, you should also challenge yourself to try new things. You may realize your interests have changed or even develop new areas of interests you were not aware of.

Develop your own goals and vision, identify what you want to do and why, and do not forget that it is your life — not anybody else’s. Just let yourself grow as a person.

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