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8 Differences between Fake and Genuine People!


You’ve probably asked yourself about the new person that you’ve met: “Are they really that nice?” or “Do they really care that much?”.

However, they usually get trapped by their own conflicting thoughts and emotions. They enjoy escaping reality or living inside their heads, as they have a deep inner world to explore. They’re the dreamers of the zodiac. But, they may feel misunderstood by others or become depressed when they feel their voice is not being heard.

They have a lot to offer the world, and you can learn a lot from them, when you try to understand them.

6 Reasons Why Pisces Are Hard to Understand:

– They are independent  

They love close relationships. However, these people function best alone at their core. Sometimes, Pisces get overwhelmed by expectations in relationships. So, they need alone time to recharge as well as focus on what does make them happy. Sometimes, these people just do not have the energy available for anything or anyone, but themselves.

– They do not always have the words to express what they need or how they feel

They do not always have the words to express what they need or how they feel. As we have already mentioned, these people spend too much time in their own heads that does make it difficult for you to even get in touch with them. They may ultimately open up, but you must give them some time. You will have their trust in no time if you treat them with understanding, love, and respect. As Pisces get overwhelmed easily by others, they often find solace in their imagination and creativity. If you talk about art, fantasy, or another creative endeavor, they’ll join in the conversation.

– They give their heart away to people they think deserve it

They’re highly emotional people and give their heart away to people they think deserve it. That’s why they fall in love easily. As a result, they also get hurt very easily. They have high expectations in a relationship, and get let down because of their standards. They always want to see the best in others, and keep doing so even after they have been hurt. Over time, their hope and patience will begin to dwindle. But, when you get on their bad side, they’ll forgive but not forget.

– They are not able to rid themselves of the fear of getting hurt

Some people take advantage of them as they have a caring, nurturing nature. Even though Pisces want close relationships, they’re not able to rid themselves of the fear of getting hurt since they have been burned in the past. But, in case you give them a chance, you’ll open yourself up to the possibility of an amazing, fulfilling relationship with them, no matter if it’s platonic or romantic in nature. 

– They are not interested in the modern world

They become disinterested in the modern world easily, since it does seem so exhausting and regimented to them. These people want to escape into the comfort of their own thoughts, as the world moves so quickly that they cannot keep up. They do not mean to seem rude or aloof, but the world does exhaust them and drain them of their inspirations. Simply try to understand this about Pisces, and you will have an easier time hanging around them.

– They want to spend too much time alone

The stimuli in today’s world usually drain their energy. So, they need a lot of time to recharge and decompress from the conflicting energies out there. But, Pisces also need love, connection, and support from other people. This means that they need a healthy balance of social time and alone time. So, you shouldn’t let a Pisces get too far away. They’d not function properly without solitude or survive without their relationships. Respect their need for alone time, and let them know that you will always be around them.


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