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20 Ways Sitting in Silence Can Completely Transform Your Life


Lao Tzu was correct when he said that, “Silence is a source of great strength.” Many human beings who live at Zen Monasteries go years without speaking, only communicating by way of hand gestures and written notes. Please read the list below to find out what you can learn as a result of silence.

#1: True satisfaction.

Remarkably, you’ll find that sometimes sitting in silent thought for thirty minutes is far more satisfying than spending thirty minutes watching a rerun on television.

#2: Genuine expression.

You’ll learn that simple words can carry far more weight and influence than long or loud words; thinking about what you want to say or do beforehand results in more positive and productive conversations and interactions.

#3: Real appreciation.

Being silent will allow you to recognize just how much human beings rely on other people on a daily basis in life—and this will make you appreciate the help of other people (and other people themselves) more.

#4: Heightened attention.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to focus intently in silence; even when there is noise around you, if you yourself remain silent and focused then life will seem to slow down around you.

#5: More thoughts.

More clear thoughts can have the affect of quieting down the world around you, and clear thinking normally leads to more happiness, peacefulness, and success.

#6: Awareness of nature.

You’ll become aware of shifting shadows, the sound of the wind, and the feel of the ground beneath your feet—and this will have an uplifting and yet calming influence.

#7: Less awareness of the body.

When you think intently in silence, it can seem like your body vanishes. This is when deep insight is easily possible.

#8: Awareness of overstimulation.

You’ll notice that the modern world does not welcome silence, and you’ll seek out and find quiet spots and sanctuaries within the city to escape to as needed.

#9: Heightened hearing.

What seems like quiet noise to everyone else will seem obvious to you—and you’ll hear things clearly that no one else hears at all.

#10: Enhanced perception.

Thinking efficiently and effectively in silence will enable you to notice expressions and gestures that no one else does; you’ll be able to tell how people are really feeling, and how they really feel about things in general.

#11: Appreciation of space.

Empty space is positive and productive for many things aside from promoting silence; it evokes thinking, which is one of the primary goals and benefits of being silent.

#12: Broadened love.

After thinking in silence for some time, you’ll realize that there are many more things you love about life—and in life—than you ever realized.

#13: Enhanced courage.

Once you’ve faced yourself in extended periods of silence, facing other people and other things in life won’t be as challenging or impossible.

#14: Enhanced perseverance.

Perseverance is a direct result of the courage gained through silence.

#15: New faith.

Not only will you learn that you have faith in more things and more people in life, but you’ll discover that you have more faith in yourself.

#16: Enhanced honesty.

After giving it enough thought, you’ll decide that it’s always better to just be honest—so you will.

#17: New gratitude.

You’ll quickly realize that life itself is an immense and priceless gift, all by itself.

#18: Simplification.

You’ll decide that drama and conflict usually aren’t worth the time and energy—so you won’t devote either of these things to drama or conflict anymore.

#19: Enhanced connections.

You’ll find that you can connect with friends and loved ones simply by sharing glances, gestures, or experiences.

#20: Enhanced insightfulness.

You’ll see the world—and the world’s problems—in different ways than most other people do. What’s more, you’ll usually see these things in more of their true light than others.


Image: Hartwig HKD

*This content was inspired by an amazing article that can be found here.

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