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18 Native American Rules of Life to Live by!


Native Americans are actually some of the wisest people in the world. They’ve left us some rules of life that still apply to our modern life.

18 Native American Rules of Life to Live by:

– Wake up early to pray

Wake up when the sun does to make the most of the day. You should also pray as often as possible throughout the day. You should be thankful for what you have.

– Find yourself in your manner

You shouldn’t allow anybody else to make your path for you. Although someone else may be present along the way or take the same path, you must pave your future.

– Let go of negative thoughts

You have probably been hurt by others or situations — it is actually part of life. Although you cannot control the pain, you can control your response to it. Avoid dwelling and ruminating on the past. Remember that negative thoughts may prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

– Be forgiving

Everyone makes mistakes. So, it is important to understand that forgiveness does not mean what happened was fine or that they should be welcome in your life. It means that you have made peace with the pain, and you’re able to let it go. 

– Be honest

Honesty is actually a reflection of your genuine feelings. This means that you should be honest in case you want people to know who you truly are.

– Always be yourself

When it comes to being yourself, there’s too much pressure from the outside world, as it does try to affect who you are. But, you should always be yourself from the inside out. You’ll live a happy and fulfilling life if you know yourself and the boundaries that you’ve established.

– Do not take anything that does not belong to you

Do not take anything that does not belong to you. You must respect the property of others. 

– Welcome your guests that they never forget you

Treat your guests with respect. Cherish them and give them the most comfortable beds and the best food.

– Be kind to people that haven’t found their right path

Not everyone can follow the rules that you live by. Remember that you should be kind to anybody that’s troubled and guide them back to the place they belong.

– Do not speak evil against anyone

Spreading negative judgments or private information is painful to others and can reflect poorly on you. That’s why you shouldn’t speak evil against anyone. 

– Listen to others carefully

Listen to others carefully and avoid tearing them down for what they think. In case you do not agree with them, you can discuss it after they’ve finished speaking.

– Do not hurt anybody’s feelings

You shouldn’t hurt others emotionally or physically. Words can hurt people. Therefore, you should think before you speak.

– Respect other people’s beliefs

You should respect other people’s religious beliefs. Do not push your own beliefs on anyone.

– Take care of the Earth

Remember that the Earth is the only home you have. It gives you a place to play and run and provides you with water and food. It creates and provides you with the ability to have balance everyday of your life. So, do not mistreat a person, animal, or plant.

– Keep your body, emotions, soul and mind in balance

Keep your body, emotions, soul and mind in balance, so that they stay healthy, pure, and strong.

– Be conscious of your thoughts and actions

Be responsible for your own actions and think about how your thoughts will translate when enacted upon.

– Kids are our future and must be treated with respect

Kids are human beings and must be treated with respect.

– Be charitable towards others

You should be kind and charitable towards others, particularly those that do not have as much as you do.

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